Lauren Drain: la enfermera sexy que revoluciona a su 3.6 millones de seguidores en Instagram

Lauren Drain
Lauren Drain
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Se llama Lauren Drain y tiene 31 años. Es un brillante enfermera de cardiología y además una profesional del fitness. Tiene 3.5 millones de seguidores en Instagram. En esta red social comparte información sobre cómo ejercitarse y ponerse en forma. Además es una escritora reconocida. Es la autora de un libro sobre la secta de la que formó parte con su familia. De hecho, sus padres y 3 hermanos siguen en la mencionada secta. No sabe nada de ellos desde hace 10 años.

Lauren no siempre se ha dedicado al fitness. Comenzó haciendo un poco de ejercicio, compaginándolo con su trabajo de enfermera. Se enganchó a las pesas y ha terminado participando -y ganando- multitud de concursos de fitness.

Motivating myself today! You VS You! 👊🏽🖤🔥 Can’t wait to make more fitness magic with @michaeloliveri – one of my favorite photographers.

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Love the body you’re in 🙌🏼 This message is primarily for the ladies. I receive many emails & messages from you everyday asking me to help achieve your “dream bodies”, however most of you believe thats someone else’s physique. My clients fill out a form prior to any program where they describe themselves & how the appear. Almost all of them, describe their appearances very poorly or harshly. Then I check their photos. Ladies! You are all way too hard on yourselves! You all look amazing when I see your photos! I’m all for progress & bettering yourself, but ladies stop hating on your bodies! You all have amazing curves, legs, booties, hips, tummies and faces! I’m here to help you get closer to your body goals but stop comparing yourself to other women. You are beautiful too! Sometimes all you need is a confidence boost to see it yourself. I’m all for appreciating another women’s beauty or assets, or use their body for motivation, but don’t forget to love the hell out of yourself too! I promise you others think you are ten times more beautiful than you do. Change that about yourself first. 😘 —– P.S. I’ve never posted this provocative of a photo before so I hope I didn’t scare anyone away. I thought it went perfect with my message. #loveyourself 📷| @theiobot #mancrushdave or #dadboddave

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When those abs peek through the “onesy” 🤣

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