Se suicida el director de instituto que fue pillado con la profesora de matemáticas

Se suicida el director de instituto que fue pillado con la profesora de matemáticas
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Quizás recordéis la noticia. El director de un instituto de Eslovenia, Drago Kamenik, fue pillado practicando sexo oral a una profesora. El vídeo pronto se hizo viral.

Drago, de 41 años, estaba casado y tenía dos hijos. Los alumnos del instituto oyeron gemidos en una clase y fueron a ver qué ocurría. Y se encontraron con semejante escena: el director con la profesora de matemáticas, Manja Mertelj. “Sabíamos que algo había…pero pensamos que eran otros estudiantes. No lo podíamos creer cuando vimos al director y la profesora”. Les faltó tiempo para grabarlo con sus móviles. El vídeo se hizo viral y desde entonces todo fueron problemas para ambos.

Cuando el vídeo salió a la luz, el director amenazó con demandar a los alumnos que lo grabaron. Después negó que fuera él quien aparecía en las imágenes. Finalmente, Drago se suicidó.

Se suicida el director de instituto que fue pillado con la profesora de matemáticas

Pic shows: Headmaster Drago Kamenik was caught on film giving oral sex to female maths teacher Manja Mertelj inside a classroom.nnA randy headmaster caught on film giving oral sex to a female maths teacher inside a classroom first threatened to sue the pupils that filmed him, then denied it and said the film was a fake.nnHead Drago Kamenik, 41, was spotted by students at the vocational high school in Maribor, eastern Slovenia, between the legs of brunette maths professor Manja Mertelj, 45, after they heard shrieks of pleasure coming from the empty classroom while they were on a break.nnCapturing the lot on a mobile phone camera through the door window the students then uploaded the footage onto a social networking site where it went viral.nnOne of the 19-year-old students who didn t want to be named said: "We heard the nosies and knew someone was having sex in there.nn"But we thought it would be other students. We couldn t believe it when we saw our maths teacher and headmaster."nnNow Kamenik has denied the film was of him after first threatening to sue the students who took the film.nnThe married dad of two said: "I have reported this to the police and have made an official complaint against those who took it.nn"The man in the video is not me, it has been photoshopped.nn"I also spoke to my wife. Can these fools even begin to imagine what damage they have caused by doing this?!nn"As for the maths teacher, she is a very good teacher and has had many positive things said about her."nnStudents who took the shots now say that they are willing to put up the rest of the footage that shows clearly who is involved.nnWriting on social media, one posted: "We know it was him because although you can t see his face you can recognised the ring.nn"We can put up more to prove it but I don't think anyone really doubts us."nnThe video has since been removed and Kamenik has taken time off work.nnMaths teacher Manja meanwhile has refused to comment.n

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